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to meet with house democrats. >> economy is trying to give us signs it wants to launch. the president wants to be there to make sure that the 535 elected members in congress. and the individual american people elected to be president of the united states are ready to launch with the economy. >> also today, treasury secretary jack lew talked about the possibility of finding bipartisan compromise. >> i think there is a growing sense that everyone knows where the balance fair deal is. everyone knows we need to get there. they just don't know how to get there. you have to start. >> today, as far as discussions about reinstating some of the white house tours ts in, in the briefing jay carney says there has been discussions about trying to get specific groups in. no decision on that point and no plans to reverse the overall decision to suspend tours for now. >> bret: shannon bream live on the white house lawn. thank you. the dow's run is now in double digits. the industrial average made it ten straight winning days to gain 84 today. closing at another record high. s&p 500 was up 9. the nasd
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-business lawmakers trying to rescind the letter fearing high-build investors who build the economy will flee to lower tax state. >> the game is rigged. yuf want win. we can change the rules on you after the fact. that is not fair. >> ironically for a tax break design to inven insent vise investment, it's reinforcing california antibusiness reputation. jerry brown issued a statement -- we are reviewing the situation to term how best to help the business owners given court's decision." >> ultimately, the legislature can try to fix it but the bill is still on the governor's desk. >> state he affected taxpayers can request a waiver to hope they lamer out a deal. if the reprieve does not come, the tax man will. >> bret: william la jeunesse in los angeles. thank you. >>> the house has begun general debate on the budget on capitol hill. that discussion will continue in to tomorrow. followed by debate on the proposals by republican paul ryan. alternatives. housing start meantime continue to rise. february's numbers where are behind only december's. as the best since 2008. building permit request reached 4-1/
with the economy in december, the president held 18-point advantage over congressial republicans. but he has dropped 14 points since then. now only holds an edge of 44% to 40%. the aides privately tell fox they're getting antsy. it's overshadowing the president's effort to come to other legacy issues like immigration reform and gun control. that explains why the president was on capitol hill for second straight day. democrats rush to his defense about whether the outreach is sincere. >> give peace a chance. >> he hasn't even come here yet and already we are criticizing him coming here or what his mote rations are. >> he works lawmakers on a grand bargain, the president could hurt the case for action. by also telling abc news there is not a crisis. we don't have an immediate crisis in terms of debt. for next ten years it's in a sustainable place. different what he said in the 2008 campaign about then president bush's stewardship. >> we have over $9 trillion of debt we are going to have to pay back. $30 few for every man, woman and child. that's irresponsible. that is often patriotic. >> carne
the size of the economy of cyprus. >> bret: russians have $30 billion. >> right. a quarter of it are russians. they say we will tax people who live here but have money deposited here, stashed here to protect it from russia and they see it as an easy out. easy way to get money to satisfy the imf. in response to the imf making an effort to bail them out. that is why he said this is the best solution for us. we saw individuals on tape saying gosh, you know, violation of my property rights, et cetera. those are small time players in the large game. >> bret: but still getting money out of their account. >> they are. >> there is discussion of shifting that to the wealthier. depositors, in cyprus. this is all about russia. german secret service did a study not long ago that looked at the kind of deposits that were made in the cypriate banks from the russians in particular and concluded a lot of it was dirty money. germans don't want their taxpayers to be funding risky bets from russian alagarks. with an election in germany they don't want to answer to the taxpayers for this. steve
in illinois, president obama again warned the sequester will hurt the economy, and slam important federal research. even as he joked about the cuts. >> i thought argon, of the effects of the sequester, you had to get rid of shares. that's good. i'm glad we got some shares. >> the real purpose of his trip was to call for $2 billion green energy fund that would use government royalties from offshore oil and gas leases to pour new money to research on electric car batteries and biofuel, to wean americans off fossil fuels and try to end fluctuations of the gas pump. >> let's set up energy security trust to help us free our family an our businesses from painful spikes in gas once and for all. let's do that. we can do it. >> american petroleum incity tute quickly responded they are a huge investor in a terptive energy but the reach -- alternative energy but the real issue for them 80% is off-limits for drilling. republicans and democrats came together to say one way to ease the burden at the pump would be the finally approve the keystone xl pipeline. >> the president said wait until after the e
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6